Growing Funding and Enrollment for Private schools.

Does your school need to focus on development and advancement but lacks the budget or the staff to do it? RedefinED Advisors LLC is a strategic development partner for non-public and private schools that offers services designed to help your school grow its funding and enrollment without adding extra work to your existing school staff.

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Funding & Enrollment Services That Make An Impact on Your Bottom Line


We have raised over $10 million (and counting!) for our school partners. With our no-risk contr...

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Our services are designed to grow your school's enrollment and funding.

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Let’s face it. Enrollment is your bottom-line and your school will need to attract new families to...

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About RedefinED Advisor's Impact


RedefinED Advisors has quickly become an essential member of our team, helping us unlock financial support for our students. Their knowledge-base is phenomenal, they convey their content in a manner that is easily understood by donors, and their customer service provided to school administration is exceptional. Raising donor support and funding for our school has never been easier!
Saint John Neumann
For those of us who love our school, the thought of it closing is difficult. What you and your company have to offer is hope and a plan of action that is desperately needed. I truly believe that God has guided you to [our school] and I offer my help and support in any way needed.
Steve Stoner
Redefined Advisors LLC has consistently proven their dedication and commitment to Catholic education. Their responsiveness is unparalleled. As a Catholic school administrator, I recommend Redefined without hesitation. They are making a difference for our schools and children.
Saint Joseph School
Danville, PA

Note From Our Founder​

As a previous EITC scholarship recipient, I understand first-hand the impact that private education can have on a child’s life. When schools are able to afford development and enrollment services, it makes it easier for them to have a larger impact in their communities. I created RedefinED Advisors as a way to give back to schools that are redefining the future for their students every single day. Today more than ever, many schools are under-staffed and over-worked. I am on a mission to provide schools outsourced development services that save school staff time, money and reduce all of the tasks they already have on their plate. With RedefinED as a partner, the school can focus on doing what they do best: teaching the next generation. When you partner with RedefinED, we work relentlessly every day to give you the resources and ability to continue your school’s life-changing work for students and generations to come.
Alyse V. Maslonik
Founder, RedefinED Advisors LLC