Tax Credit Funding & Enrollment Services

RedefinED Advisors One-Stop-Shop for Private Schools

Tax Credit Scholarship Development

We are the leaders when it comes to Tax Credit fundraising. With over $10 million dollars raised for our school partners, we are confident we can increase your school’s funding, too.

In fact, we’re so confident we can increase your school’s funding that we have a no-risk contract. If we do not raise your school the funds to cover the cost of our services, we’ll refund you the difference. And, we don’t charge a commission!

 Why do we have such low costs? 

Because when schools are able to fund the gap between parent contributions and the actual cost to educate, it makes it possible for schools to make a bigger impact for our future generations. 

Enrollment Lead Generation Subscription

We can help your school generate real enrollment leads from the traffic on your school’s website. 

Approximately 96% of your school’s website visitors leave the website without taking action. With that conversion rate, your school typically only receives about 4% of the interested families contact information. 


With our Enrollment Lead Generation Subscription, we unlock that data you’re currently missing. With our advanced website tracking capabilities, we can generate contact information from the enrollment tab of your website, allowing your admissions team to be proactive in engaging with prospective families. 

RedefinED Advisors One-Stop-Shop for Private Schools

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RedefinED Advisors – Redefine Education with a Strategic Development Partner
“As a board member of the Divine Mercy Catholic Academy, I have been impressed with the comprehensive approach that RedefinED has utilized since engaging with our schools. Their attention to detail has allowed our program to grow throughout our community. RedefinED goes beyond the numbers and understands that relationships are the foundation of resource maximization. They build trust through competency and communication among all stakeholders. We look forward to RedefinED being a part of our future development efforts."
Chris Martella